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What’s in it for you?

Free Tuition

Learn how to crush bugs and build amazing software for free.

Industry Exposure

Dive into the latest tools and technology with practical assignments and personalized feedback from industry experts.

Firsthand Experience

Develop hands-on experience with real-world projects and engaging lessons covering all the essentials of the QA world.

Work Opportunity

Get a chance for a paid internship and to become a full-fledged member of our team.

Professional Credentials

Receive a certificate of workshop attendance and showcase your qualification.

Are we a perfect match?

No prior experience is necessary, only a strong drive to learn. We're looking for candidates with a broad range of skills and talents including:
  • Eye for detail.
  • Systematic approach.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Task management skills.
  • Problem-solving mindset.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Your Quest

Meet our Instructors and Mentors

Luka Prah

Meet Luka, an exceptional instructor and mentor at our Academy who is dedicated to empowering aspiring professionals on their journey to success. Luka brings a wealth of expertise in various facets of the various industries that he worked in, including a general overview of Quality Assurance, people management, motivation, career path in the QA industry. But Luka is not just passionate in the classroom and at his role. Beyond his role as the Head of Quality Assurance and a trusted mentor and manager, he leads an inspiring personal life filled with diverse interests. He finds tranquility and excitement in sailing the pristine waters of the Adriatic Sea, and his true passion lies in the world of music and DJing.

Njomza Ibrahimi

Meet Njomza, our QA specialist and trusted mentor at the Academy, who finds joy and purpose in staying busy with a multitude of tasks. Her unwavering dedication to her job translates into a greater sense of fulfilment in her personal life. Njomza's ability to effortlessly make genuine connections and her love for interacting with people create a welcoming and supportive learning environment. She approaches mentorship with dedication and ensures that students receive tailored guidance based on their needs.

Alumni Reviews

What former students have to say about the program‍

“Since starting the Academy, I've felt like a part of something bigger. Povio nurtures great values, integrity and quality. It's been a privilege to learn from experts and have fun at the same time.”

Nadja Janković
Quality Assurance Academy

"With the guidance of truly the best mentors, I learned QA, improved my soft skills, and acquired a wealth of technical knowledge. The importance of continuous improvement, along with coworkers who encourage new ideas, has created an environment where I continue to thrive and enjoy working to this day."

Saša Nemec
Quality Assurance Academy

"We were encouraged to ask questions at any time, no matter how silly we thought they were. Our Academy mentors did an excellent job preparing us for actual work on our first projects later on."

Matevž Žunko
Quality Assurance Academy

"If I have to boil it down to a few favorite things about the Academy, one is surely the perfect balance between independence and teamwork. Another is the patient mentors you can bombard with questions all-day."

Nika Perger
Quality Assurance Academy

"Attending Povio Academy was a transformative experience. The engaging workshops served as dynamic platforms for both learning and gaining invaluable industry insights. My internship was a hands-on journey, where I applied classroom knowledge to real-world projects, fostering growth and confidence.  The integrated approach from our mentors truly prepared me for success in my career."

Fjolla Gashi
Quality Assurance Academy

"I can truly say that I gained the most knowledge about QA from the Academy; it was a really rewarding experience. Also, what really mattered to me was being surrounded by the warmest team that helped me go through each step in the best possible way. The Academy, internship, and the professional but super friendly team at the same time were the factors that made me push myself to the limits and be here now."

Liri Sahiti
Quality Assurance Academy

"I had a great experience at Povio QA Academy's program. As someone with no prior experience in QA, this was the perfect introduction. With the help of friendly mentors and excellent workshops, I took my first steps into the world of Quality Assurance."

Hana Kuhar
Quality Assurance Academy

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