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Ready to kickstart your career in tech? Enrich your skills through diverse programs in Design, Software Engineering, Project Management, and Quality Assurance.

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Are you ready for a life-changing experience mastering in-demand skills? Imagine it as a video game where every level you cross, every challenge you tackle, and every skill you master will unlock exciting new professional opportunities. Each level of your journey will immerse you in exciting projects, where you'll collaborate with experienced professionals and tackle real-world challenges.

And guess what? The top talent won't go unnoticed – at the end of the program, you'll have the chance to join Povio as a full-fledged team member.
Whoa, time sure does fly when you're having fun!
Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Sarajevo, and Pristina.
We've powered through 17 classes so far, and guess what? Each one has been an upgrade from the last.
Are you ready to level up your game and become a high achiever in our rapidly expanding alumni club?

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Level One

The Workshop

Gain practical knowledge and skills in Software Engineering, Design, Project Management, or Quality Assurance. You will be guided by experienced lecturers who not only provide theoretical knowledge but also enrich the learning with real-world examples from the industry. Ready to play?
Level Two

The Paid Internship

The highest-scoring candidates from our workshop will be offered a paid internship. During this one-month internship, you'll apply your acquired knowledge to real-world IT puzzles, receiving constant support from our mentors - your co-players. So strap in and take your game to the next level with our internship!
Level Three

The Mentorship

When you reach the final stage of the Academy, you will dive into real projects, collaborate closely with the team, and unlock your true potential. At the Mentorship level, you'll embark on an exciting adventure in your tech career. Get ready to hit 'play' and dive into the future of your dreams!

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Application Process

Here's a glimpse into the step-by-step process that will lead you to success.

Step 1

Apply now for an upcoming program or leave your contact details to stay updated on future opportunities.

Step 2

Let’s have a chat
We'll get to know each other better via a video call, hear about your career dreams, and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3

Initial challenge
You’ll tackle an interesting assignment, and if you do well, a discussion to chat about your ideas, approach and goals for the future will be next. Eager to dive in?

Step 4

Begin Your Career!
Your journey to a promising and prosperous future begins with the Academy program. Join us and shape your future.

Who are we?

We’re Povio, a bunch of tech enthusiasts who were once in your shoes – talented, with a ‘knack’ for tech, searching for an opportunity to develop our skills and make a difference. Now, after completing over 1000 projects for some of the world’s most exciting companies, we want to teach you how to do the same.

Our team of over 250 professionals are making things happen in the industry with real projects. Alongside that, some of us are dedicated to sharing know-how with the next generation through our academy. Our goal is to provide the best of both worlds: practical experience and top-notch guidance.

Our day-to-day vibe

At Povio, we embrace a positive work environment that fuels growth and success. Within our vibrant community, we foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages teamwork and mutual support in every activity. Embrace the opportunity to be a part of our dynamic collective, where nurturing continuous growth is at the heart of our journey. We're here for you and ready to create something amazing together.

What we do

From dynamic startups to international tech giants, our extensive customer roster spans diverse industries and projects. We are dedicated to delivering quality design and software engineering solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization.

Check out some of our cool projects here:

Program Reviews & Testimonials

What fellow students have to say about the experience, insights, and skills they gained during the Academy.

"The PM Academy at Povio was a game-changer for my career in project management. The program covered all aspects of project management, including communication, stakeholder management, and risk management, and the hands-on learning approach made it easy to apply these concepts in real-world situations. The mentors were knowledgeable and experienced, and their guidance was invaluable. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to learn the fundamentals of project management or enhance their skills in this field."

Domen Robič
Project Management Academy

“The reason, I was delighted to get a spot in the Academy is the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with people with extensive knowledge in design.”

Tia Maria Tertinek
Design Academy

"Not only did I get valuable insights into the world of user interface (UI) design from experienced professionals, but the mentors were also extremely kind, friendly and open to discussion."

Neža Sešel
Design Academy

“Since starting the Academy, I've felt like a part of something bigger. Povio nurtures great values, integrity and quality. It's been a privilege to learn from experts and have fun at the same time.”

Nadja Janković
Quality Assurance Academy

"Povio Academy has been an enlightening journey that not only provided me with invaluable insights into the realm of IT but also intrigued fresh interests within me for subjects previously unexplored. The experience granted me a profound understanding of project management and confirmed my thoughts that this is a career I want to pursue. Moreover, the Academy offered me a holistic perspective on the significance of effective communication, team motivation, and quick adaptation to unexpected situations."

Urša Veselič
Project Management Academy

"Attending the Academy at Povio has made me feel like a part of something bigger. The organization's strong emphasis on integrity, quality, and nurturing talent has created a work environment that is both inspiring and supportive. Collaborating with dedicated teammates who share the same passion has further enhanced my learning experience, making it enjoyable and rewarding."

Bardh Mustafa
Front end Academy

Frequently Asked

How much does the program cost?

Attending Povio Academy comes at a cost, but not one that empties your wallet. Instead, it asks for something priceless: your time and effort. So while the workshops themselves are free, be prepared to invest these valuable currencies to make the most of your learning journey.

How long does the Academy last?

The Academy typically comprises four weeks of workshops, a month-long internship, and two months of mentorship, though the duration of each level may vary slightly for each specific academy.

Who should apply?

All students and recent grads, with a passion for tech! If you're ready to jumpstart your career in the tech industry, we want you. As long as you meet our application criteria, don't hesitate to apply.

What are the entry requirements for the Academy?

To be accepted into the Academy, you will need to pass an entrance exam, followed by a discussion to demonstrate suitability for the program.

Are there limited spots for the workshop?

Yes, we only select up to 12 participants for the start of the Academy. We believe in providing the best experience possible, which is why we prefer small groups. This allows for individual attention and ensures everyone gets the most out it.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the Workshop?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Workshop, you will be awarded both a printed and digital certificate as proof of your achievement.

How many participants make it to each level?

We have up to 4 spots for the paid internship and up to 2 spots for the mentorship. About 95% of those who completed the mentorship program, received an offer to join our team.

Who is eligible for the paid internship?

The top performers in the workshop will be offered a paid internship opportunity upon completion of the program.

Any open questions?

Contact Barbara for all things related to Povio Academy. She has all the information you need!