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Apply for Povio Academy to learn the fundamentals of designing, engineering, testing or project management of mobile and web applications.

What Can You Expect 🤔

In our Academy🎓 you will be guided through 3 different pillars. We invite you to look at this as a game in which you can achieve many wins. Each pillar is equally important and leaves you with quality feedback which you can implement in your career. You will familiarize yourself with key processes and IT tools, all while collaborating with like-minded individuals and solving practical challenges. 🥇The best quality talent🥇won’t go unnoticed - those qualified will continue into the next chapter and even join Povio as full-fledged members.

1. Workshop

It all starts with a workshop. It takes place twice a week for a whole month. With the help of our mentors, you will improve your skills in one key area of IT.

2. Internship

The best candidates will receive an offer for a paid internship in one of our offices, and you will use the acquired knowledge from the workshop while working on practical cases with the constant support of our mentors.

3. Mentorship

This is the final stage of the Academy, where you are ready to start working on your own! You will get to participate in real projects, collaborate with the team, attend meetings, and begin your career!



We can't believe it's already our fourth year.



We are present in Ljubljana, Maribor, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Pristina.



Every Academy is better than the last.



Our number of Alumni is growing,
be among them. 

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Who Are We, Really?

We were once just like you - talented, with a ‘knack’ for tech, searching for an opportunity to develop in the IT world. Now, after completing over 1000 projects and reaching even more satisfied customers, we want to teach you how to do the same. Our team of more than 250 professionals is devoted to helping young professionals bridge the gap between learning and doing. Each stage of Povio Academy is carefully constructed in a way that allows students to skyrocket their success in the IT world. Getting inside the IT field can be challenging. We believe that guidance from our mentors offers a shortcut to success.

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We work with international companies, that are in search of quality design and software engineering.

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Our day to day

We strive to make our offices as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

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What Our Students Say 🎙️
(To Our Faces Anyway)

Not only did I get valuable insights into the world of user interface (UI) design from experienced professionals, but the mentors were also extremely kind, friendly and open to discussion.

Neža Sešel
Design Academy - Y22

The reason, I was delighted to get a spot in the Academy is the opportunity to learn from and collaborate with people with extensive knowledge in design.

Tia Maria Tertinek
Design Academy - Y22

The Academy gave me an insightful overview of what it is like to be a QA Analyst. It's been a truly refreshing experience having mentors guiding us through lectures at the start and hands-on tasks later on. I would gladly do it again!

Vita Lara Selinšek
Quality Assurance Academy - Y22

Since starting the Academy, I've felt like a part of something bigger. Povio nurtures great values, integrity and quality. It's been a privilege to learn from experts and have fun at the same time.

Nadja Janković
Quality Assurance Academy - Y22

We were encouraged to ask questions at any time, no matter how silly we thought they are. Our Academy mentors did an excellent job preparing us for actual work on our first projects later on.

Matevž Žunko
Quality Assurance Academy - Y21

If I have to boil it down to a few favourite things about the Academy, one is surely the perfect balance between independence and teamwork. Another is the patient mentors you can bombard with questions all-day.

Nika Perger
Quality Assurance Academy- Y21

Moments from our previous Academies

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Apply for our Academy workshop to learn the fundamentals of designing, engineering, testing or project management mobile and web applications.

Common questions

How long does the Academy last?

The Academy is a program that comprises four weeks of workshops, a month-long internship, and three months of mentorship.

Who is eligible for the paid internship?

The top performers in the Academy will be offered a paid internship opportunity upon completion of the program.

What are the entry requirements for the Academy?

To be accepted into the Academy, applicants will need to pass an entrance exam to demonstrate their suitability for the program.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the Academy?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Povio Academy, you will be awarded both a physical and digital certificate as proof of your achievement.